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Mission statement


"The main challenge for AI in the next decade will be
integration. We must study and ultimately understand how
to integrate the various areas of AI (from Reasoning to
DeepLearning and Robotics) into systems that serve
mankind for the better and that are transparent in their
design and application.“

Read the full mission statement here.

AI Perspectives is accepting submissions and will publish its first articles soon.

Editor-in Chief

Prof. Frank Kirchner,  DFKI Bremen / University Bremen

Associate Editors

Prof. Andreas Butz, LMU

Dr Jean-Marc David, Renault Group

Prof. Malik Ghallab, LAAS-CNRS

Prof. Randy G. Goebel, University of Alberta

Prof. Donia Scott, University of Sussex

Prof. Oliviero Stock, IRST

Prof. Paolo Traverso, FBK/ICT IRST

Aims and scope

- AI perspectives will cover the application of AI in industry, healthcare, transport, education, social sciences and humanities and business and economics.

- Strict high-level selection process to ensure an excellent publication quality.

- Publication of innovative applications of artificial intelligence with focus on:

  • An in-depth description how basic research enabled the application
  • How applied research triggers new questions for basic research 
  • How integration of various AI Methods in application can be achieved

- Interaction of data driven vs. model driven AI

- System oriented and integrated research

- Focus on responsibility/ethics of AI

  • Explainability and transparency

Topics considered include, but are not limited to:

  • Machine perception and multi-media sensing
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Intelligent and cooperative interacting robots
  • Speech recognition and language use
  • Cyber-physical systems, hybrid teams and Industry 4.0
  • Knowledge representation
  • Medical diagnosis and rehabilitation robots
  • Process improvement and AI strategies for digital businesses
  • AI in legal and Fintech industries
  • Internet of Things
  • Regulation and ethics