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Ongoing Topical Collections

[August 2022 update] 
AI Perspectives is not accepting new submissions for now, till its official relaunch in end of 2022.  

AI Perspectives publishes article collections on timely topics related to the field of artificial intelligence applications at large. Choose from an ongoing collection below to read its call for papers:

Human-centered AI

Guest Edited by: Prof. Frank Kirchner, Dr. Jasmin Niess, Dr. Sebastian Feger

For information on submitting your own proposal for a Topical Collection, click here.

Call for Dissertations

image of a textbook on a digital screenAI Perspectives wishes to support the advancement of early career researchers and welcomes the submission of timely, impactful doctoral dissertations.
Researchers who have successfully defended their thesis within twelve months at the time of submission are encouraged to submit a condensed, research article length version of their dissertation. Please also include a letter of recommendation from a senior researcher, for AI Perspectives to consider your manuscript for review.
See our submission guidelines on doctoral dissertations here for further information.  


  1. Authors: Stephane Doncieux, Raja Chatila, Sirko Straube and Frank Kirchner

  1. Authors: Stephane Doncieux, Raja Chatila, Sirko Straube and Frank Kirchner

Human-Centered AI
Guest Edited by: Prof. Frank Kirchner, Dr. Jasmin Niess, Dr. Sebastian Feger

Post-Covid 19 challenges: AI technology and innovation (SIINTEC VI)
Guest Edited by: Dr. Lílian Lefol Nani Guarieiro, Prof. Roberto José da Silva Badaró, Dr. Daniel Motta


Frank Kirchner, DFKI Bremen / University of Bremen, Germany

Managing Editor
Nina Hoyer, DFKI GmbH, Robotics Innovation Center, Bremen, Germany

Associate Editor
Roberto Badaro, Federal University of Bahia, Brazil
Andreas Butz, University of Munich, Germany
Yan Cui, Wuyi University, China
Andreas Dengel, DFKI Kaiserslautern, Germany
Malik Ghallab, Laas CNRS, France
Randy Goebel, University of Alberta, Canada
Peter G. Kirchschlaeger, University of Lucerne, Switzerland
Johannes Schöning, University of Bremen, Germany
Donia Scott, University of Sussex, UK
Maosong Sun, Tsinghua University, China
Oliver Thomas, University of Osnabrück, Germany
Paolo Traverso, FBK.ICT IRST, Italy

Editorial Advisory Board
Wolfgang Wahlster, DFKI GmbH, Germany

AI Perspectives will cover the application of AI in industry, healthcare, transport, education, social sciences and humanities, and business and economics. We use a strict high-level selection process to ensure an excellent publication quality.

AI Perspectives publishes innovative applications of artificial intelligence with a focus on an in-depth description how basic research enabled the application, how applied research triggers new questions for basic research, and how integration of various AI methods in application can be achieved. This includes articles discussing the interaction of data driven vs. model driven AI, system oriented and integrated research, and the responsibility, ethics, explainability, and transparency of AI.

Read the full aims and scope here.

An Interview with Editor in Chief, Frank Kirchner

FrankKirchnerandRobotEditor in Chief, Frank Kirchner shares the origin story of his career path in Artificial Intelligence, discusses current challenges in this research field, and outlines some of his goals for the journal.

Read the interview here

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