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  1. Applications using machine learning (ML), such as highly autonomous driving, depend highly on the performance of the ML model. The data amount and quality used for model training and validation are crucial. If...

    Authors: Florian Heidecker, Maarten Bieshaar and Bernhard Sick
    Citation: AI Perspectives & Advances 2024 6:1
  2. Robotics has a special place in AI as robots are connected to the real world and robots increasingly appear in humans everyday environment, from home to industry. Apart from cases were robots are expected to c...

    Authors: Stephane Doncieux, Raja Chatila, Sirko Straube and Frank Kirchner
    Citation: AI Perspectives 2022 4:1
  3. Automotive radar perception is an integral part of automated driving systems. Radar sensors benefit from their excellent robustness against adverse weather conditions such as snow, fog, or heavy rain. Despite ...

    Authors: Nicolas Scheiner, Florian Kraus, Nils Appenrodt, Jürgen Dickmann and Bernhard Sick
    Citation: AI Perspectives 2021 3:6
  4. An evolution of smart and connected cars allows the advancement of smart cities and new business models for automakers. The main objective of this article was to understand the capability of Brazilian vehicles...

    Authors: Philippe Cedraz Lopes, Juliana Carla Santos da Silva, Lílian Lefol Nani Guarieiro and Davidson Martins Moreira
    Citation: AI Perspectives 2021 3:5
  5. The current scenario of a global pandemic caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19), highlights the importance of water studies in sewage systems. In Brazil, about 35 million Brazilians still do not have treate...

    Authors: José Roberto Dantas da Silva Júnior, Rizzieri Pedruzzi, Filipe Milani de Souza, Patrick Silva Ferraz, Daniel Guimarães Silva, Carolina Sacramento Vieira, Marcelo Romero de Moraes, Erick Giovani Sperandio Nascimento and Davidson Martins Moreira
    Citation: AI Perspectives 2021 3:4
  6. COVID-19 outbreak has heavily impacted the manufacturing industry, including Brazilian Automotive Industry. The effects of COVID-19 created restrictions in several industry processes as supply chain. On the ot...

    Authors: Milton C. Soares, Cristiano V. Ferreira and Thiago B. Murari
    Citation: AI Perspectives 2021 3:3
  7. In this paper we introduce Q-Rock, a development cycle for the automated self-exploration and qualification of robot behaviors. With Q-Rock, we suggest a novel, integrative approach to automate robot development ...

    Authors: Thomas M. Roehr, Daniel Harnack, Hendrik Wöhrle, Felix Wiebe, Moritz Schilling, Oscar Lima, Malte Langosz, Shivesh Kumar, Sirko Straube and Frank Kirchner
    Citation: AI Perspectives 2021 3:1
  8. Alan Turing’s 1950 paper, “Computing Machinery and Intelligence,” contains much more than its proposal of the “Turing Test.” Turing imagined the development of what we today call AI by a process akin to the ed...

    Authors: Stephen J. DeCanio
    Citation: AI Perspectives 2020 2:3
  9. This paper presents a perspective on AI that starts with going back to early work on this topic originating in theoretical work of Alan Turing. The argument is made that the core idea - that leads to the title...

    Authors: Frank Kirchner
    Citation: AI Perspectives 2020 2:2
  10. Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword for self-organizing IT applications, its relevance to software engineering has hardly been analyzed systematically. This study combines a systematic ...

    Authors: Marco Barenkamp, Jonas Rebstadt and Oliver Thomas
    Citation: AI Perspectives 2020 2:1
  11. This position paper discusses the requirements and challenges for responsible AI with respect to two interdependent objectives: (i) how to foster research and development efforts toward socially beneficial app...

    Authors: Malik Ghallab
    Citation: AI Perspectives 2019 1:3
  12. Hierarchical neural networks with large numbers of layers are the state of the art for most computer vision problems including image classification, multi-object detection and semantic segmentation. While the ...

    Authors: Tim Dahmen, Patrick Trampert, Faysal Boughorbel, Janis Sprenger, Matthias Klusch, Klaus Fischer, Christian Kübel and Philipp Slusallek
    Citation: AI Perspectives 2019 1:2

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