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Table 1 Comparison between automatic meteorological stations and smart vehicles [3, 5, 11, 12]

From: Study of environmental data from vehicle’s sensors and its aplicability to complement climate mapping from automatic meteorological stations and assess covid-19 impact

Meteorological Variable Category Specific Meteorological Variable Description Ams’ measurement capability Vehicle’s measurement capability
Temperature Current Air Temperature (°C) X Real-Time Temperature
Maximum Air Temperature (°C) X
Minimum Air Temperature (°C) X
Humidity Current Relative Air Humidity (%) X Real-Time Humidity
Maximum Relative Air Humidity (%) X
Minimum Relative Air Humidity (%) X
Dew Point Current Dew Point Temperature (°C) X
Maximum Dew Point Temperature (°C) X
Minimum Dew Point Temperature (°C) X
Atmospheric Pressure Current Atmospheric Air Pressure (hPa) X Real-Time Atmospheric Pressure
Maximum Atmospheric Air Pressure (hPa) X
Minimum Atmospheric Air Pressure (hPa) X
Wind Current Wind Speed (m/s) X
Wind Direction (°) X
Wind Gust Intensity (km/h) X
Radiation Solar Radiation (kJm2)(W) X X
Rain Level Accumulated Precipitation in the Period (mm) X
Relative Rain Intensity Level X X
GPS Coordinate Latitude X X
Longitude X X
Altitude (m) X X
Time Collection Date [day/month/year] X X
Collection Time [hour/minute/second] X X