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Table 1 Summary of Industry 4.0 technologies that may mitigate supply chain issues caused by COVID-19 [13, 2225]

From: Supply chain resilience and industry 4.0: a evaluation of the Brazilian northeast automotive OEM scenario post COVID-19

Supply Chain Challenges on COVID-19 Industry 4.0 technologies or strategies to mitigate outbreak issues
Lack of supply chain flexibility Big data analytics [22]
Lack of government support Blockchain [22]
Lack of trust Blockchain [22] and Digital connectivity [25]
Communication issues IoT, Cloud Computing [22] and supply chain automation [25]
Lack of security and safety Robotic and automated devices [22]
Shortage of manpower Cloud-based systems (for training and education) [22]
Consumer Behavior Big data analytics and AI [22]
Lack of balance in supply and demand Data Analytics [22]
Poor infrastructure Flexible layout [22]
Lack of medical facilities AI, blockchain and IoT [22]
Lack of viability Simulation [13] (i.e. digital supply chain twins [23])
Lack of access Cybersecurity (high levels of remote access to core systems) [24] and localization of sourcing [25]